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Total Gym Fitness Equipment

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Total Gym Fitness EquipmentTotal Gym Fitness Equipment made its television debut 11 years ago and is now used by 3 million exercisers across America. The company boasts $1.2 billion in sales and has become one of the leading retailers of home fitness accessories in the industry.

DID YOU KNOW?: Total Gym Fitness Equipment began its use in rehabilitation centers to help people recover from physical challenges and injuries.

This exercise equipment is an ideal rehabilitation tool because it uses a smooth, gliding motion that is easy on the joints. The workout machine also has several height levels that can be adjusted to suit a variety of fitness levels.

Equipped with a padded glide board that provides support for the back; the total workout you receive is easy on the body simply using bodyweight resistance.

In addition, the exercise equipment is versatile since you can perform a wide range of exercises to condition your body from head to toe.

Chuck Norris began using Total Gym Fitness Equipment roughly 30 years ago as a home fitness gym. Ten years ago, Christie Brinkley began endorsing the fitness equipment for home use to squeeze workouts into a busy schedule.

Total Gym is also endorsed by celebrities like Wesley Snipes, Olivia Newton John, and Janine Turner.

Total Gym Fitness Equipment XlsThe Total Gym XLS is the highest rated of all the Total Gym Fitness Equipment.  This piece of fitness equipment does not require any assembly and offers a full body workout within the comfort of your home.

The XLS has a 400 pound weight capacity for strength training and uses an upgraded pulley and cable system for full body exercises.  The total exercise capability of this machine offers 80 different exercises for full body conditioning.

This home gym comes with a basic workout program, 6 to 8 minute workouts, a smart training workout, Total Gym Pilates, a full body makeover workout, an exercise wall chart, a training deck, and a nutritional program and meal plan.

This machine retails at roughly $900.

Total Gym Fitness Equipment 3000Like the XLS, the Total Gym 3000 is s a fully assembled piece of fitness equipment. However the 3000 has a slightly lower weight capacity of 300 pounds. It features an upgraded pulley and cable system, steel handles, and a capacity for 60 different exercises for home use.

This exercise machine comes with a starter workout program, 6 to 8 minute workouts, and an exercise wall chart that will provide you with 35 different exercise options in the form of a wall poster.

This machine retails at $849.

Total Gym Fitness Equipment 2000The Total Gym 200 is the most affordable of the Total Gym Fitness Equipment Home Gyms retailing at $599

This machine is a completely assembled home gym that provides the most basic option for 40 different exercises at a 250 pound weight capacity.

Unlike the other XLS home gym by Total Gym Fitness, the Total Gym 2000 does not feature the upgraded pulley system, upgraded flexible nylon strap handles, padded glideboard or chrome package  This piece of fitness equipment also does not come with any accessories and only includes the basic startup instructional workout DVD.   

Total Gym Fitness Equipment GtsTotal Gym GTS is a revolutionary gym machine that is also used by a number of health clubs worldwide. This piece of Total Gym Fitness Equipment is designed to give you more of the features you find in your local gym than the XLS, 3000 and 2000.

The machine’s features include the capability for over 200 exercises, accessory add-ons for pull-ups, cable adjustments, and plyometrics, different resistance levels that use 5% to 59% of your bodyweight, durable reinforced steel siding, and a maximum load capacity of 650 pounds.

This professional home gym machine is convenient since it can be folded and stored in a 23” x 20” space. It features ergonomic handles for an improved grip and can be used by exercisers up to a height of 6’5”.

The GTS comes with a complete resistance training bundle that includes two 30 minute total body workouts by Rob Glick, three Pilates workouts, and five challenging 15 minute superset workouts.

The set also includes a 143 page exercise book that features 40 different Pilates and resistance training exercises to be used with the GTS home gym.

This machine retails for $2,900 and is the preferred choice of professional fitness instructors.

Every Total Gym Fitness equipment comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, which will allow you to try one of these home gyms for 30 days without risk. The guarantee states that if you don’t think that the Total Gym is the best piece of exercise equipment that you have ever used, you are free to return it within 30 days for a complete refund or credit.

The exersices machines also have a limited lifetime warranty on the frame and a three-year warranty on all moving parts. Last but not least, if you’re interested in ordering a Total Gym Fitness home gym, you can pay in full for your equipment, or you can enter into a payment plan to make the purchase more affordable.

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